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  1. Why is there no question as to why we don't look into process improvements in all gov. agencies? My wife has been through this stuff at 2 employers, many friends have done the same things. It is sometimes painful, as it takes time and cooperation, but the end result was a smoother workflow, and the end result was lower costs, and better service to customers. In the cases I know of, none.....NONE, resulted in people being laid off, and actually in one case the company took the savings and put into their research budget, and hired more people.
    Why the hell is this never an option for government. I say this as I have called all my representatives at all levels and I have had responses from, "oh, that's a nice idea", to "don't you get it this is the government, we aren't paid to do this the easy way". I blew a gasket at that last comment, and tried to explain that this is the idea, to make it easier for them and us.
    I would think all tax payers from both sides and in between would see the value in making the government more efficient. I would be willing to place a bet that a fair size chunk of our debt issues could be solved. Yes I said a fair size chunk. I also unfortuantely see the process probably eliminating jobs and redundant agencies. Unfortunate in that some will be looking for new jobs, as I firmly believe governement is far into the over employment business, as opposed to the service business they should be.

    There is my rant for the day. Happy to read why I am so wrong at trying to improve government.
  2. You're not wrong. You're spot on right.

    It will not happen however. The one thing government does extremely well is to fend off attempts to reduce its size. We can't even agree to cut funding for something like public broadcasting, which is unnecessary and could easily fund itself. Good luck taking on the Department of Education.

    It's not totally partisan either. That clueless dolt Bush created DHS.
  3. Lean, JIT, Six Sigma, TQM, all great stuff, which will never be applied to government. Why? The government doesn't have to make money. They don't have to balance a budget. They don't have to improve on anything, ever. What on earth would they have to campaign about if they ever fixed anything? Politicians have but one purpose and one purpose only, which is securing their spot at the government trough for all perpetuity.
  4. I agree on Homeland security. It was a feel good thing that is another layer that does the same job of how many other agencies? Oh, that's right they will make them all get along and make us safer. Bullshit, they will make us less safe as everything will go through another layer before any action is taken. Good example!
    I am unbiased on this topic, there has been no party that hasn't found a benefit in creating more government. I will say, I still believe in the basis of our country, even if it isn't easy. People need to call their representatives, and raise hell. Tell them to start with their own offices, I have.
    If you don't like special interest groups, then stand up for yourself and get your friends off their lazy asses and start calling. One of my basic complaints is the whole idea that we require software, a CPA, tax attorney, etc to do taxes. Are you kidding? I know people who tell me the story why they need this that or the other deduction, but have no clue when you ask them how much they or their company would save if they didn't require a person or department to do their taxes. A simple code is available and simple. Some would pay more, some would pay less, gee, isn't that how it works now? Yet, all of us would pay less for a smaller IRS, and less money going into entire departments, or law firms hired to maximize deductions. As one who works with law firms, I know the savings would be fantastic for almost every company.
  5. BSAM


    Brother Tango...Only a thinking person would write such as you wrote.
    So, that leaves government out of the conversation.
    They don't exist to cut themselves out.
    They exist to keep what they got, then gain even more.
    It's futile to call a Senator's office or the office of a member of the House.
    They get these calls all day long.
    There's nothing they haven't heard.
    They have standard replies.
    They don't listen because they don't have to listen and because they don't care about anything except their paycheck and benefits.
    What's the welfare of the country got to do with anything, to a bureaucrat?

    Government is not your friend.
    Never vote for a Democrat; never vote for a Republican.
    Either way, the government wins.

  6. BSAM


    No citizen should have to pay another citizen to keep himself out of jeopardy with one of the biggest terrorist organizations on earth: the IRS.

    The IRS scheme/scam is how the D.C. whores make money from wealthy corporations by arranging for special clauses in the tax code.
    Why would they change the system?


    A consumption tax is the only way to go.
  7. I agree and disagree BSAM. I feel the same way, but part of the problem is the lack of commitment of the people. We should all be much more invested in what our government does, and spends, and the end results of those expenditures. If people call and stand up there can be a difference. I am not at the point where the true "greatest generation" stood, ie the people who stood up to Britian, a minority who couldn't draft people, and who lost most everything, but I do think we need our population to get more involved and make it clear that our representatives are not special, and they are to represent us and not just piss away everything for their own benefit.
    I also disagree on the consumption tax. I See it as easily penalizing those at lower incomes much more than those at upper incomes. A progressive income tax with no exemptions would be best and simple. There would be a very short term whine fest and issues, but those would go away after the savings of a simple tax went into effect.