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  1. market is confusing me, have been a long time spread trader. Hog spreads are where you make all the money in the meats. I guess I wanted to start a thread so maybe we could bounce ideas off eachother. im long july short august. anybody else got any postions?
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    anybody else got any postions?


    Milk: Flat
    Butter: Flat
    Feeders: Shorted on 05 Dec 2007
    Live Cattle: Shorted on 03 October 2007
    Hogs: Shorted on 22 Feb 2008
    Bellies: Flat
  3. I know there is money in LH but such thinly traded market scares me. Friend of my trades LH and other ags. If I recall correctly he shorted LH around .80 something in September 07 and covered right after Thanksgiving at .60 somethings. Made nice change (87K) he has be encouraging me check Ag futures.

    I recently started following Soybean oil was not surprised to it collapse the past 2 days. August contract closed at 67.50 from all time high of 73... the day before.

    Hats off to ag traders.
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    There is The Slaughter of Lean Hogs & Live Cattle on a massive scale:sorry to veggies:p
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    bacon to the fry
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    steaks to fry
  7. hi super. i dont find hogs thin.maybe aug and so on. but front months are pretty good. how many contracts do you trade?what i like about them is there is actually a spread and with globex and pit access its great.same with LC.feeders can be thin at times.

    bellies i find frustrating. i swear they have a "do not fill" stamp on my orders:p
  8. What do you consider a normal volume for LH? any months or front month?
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    I only been trading hogs for a year but I made more money on these spreads than any other trade. I usually pick up the Aug/Oct or June/Feb spreads between 3 and 4 cents and get out around 7. I was lucky and get out this last time before the Aug/Oct spread drop back down to 3 cents. Don't know the reason except the Smithfield is raising less hogs in the future giving support to the back months But I have started to put the Aug/Oct spread back on.
  10. One current spread I have on:
    Short 60 Apr LH / Long 10 Jun LH / Long 35 Jul LH /Long 15 Aug LH

    Short 5 May Feeders / Long 5 Aug Feeders
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