Leaked ,,Panic Paper"

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    ,,Make children feel guilty, for the deaths of their parents and grandfathers, if they do not appeal to covi regulations"

  2. clacy


    In the 1950’s and 60’s the Soviets conducted a lot of interesting social experiments.

    They realized that if you bombard people with extremely negative, false news for a 2 month period they will not only believe it, but no amount of proof to the contrary will convince them otherwise.
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    Got a reference for that?
  5. Pekelo


    I actually doubt that experience, specially the Soviets and in the 50s. On the other hand Americans in the 70s, like the whole food pyramid bullshit and cholesterol scare, they bought it hook, line, sinker.

    It doesn't have to be negative news, propaganda simply works.
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  6. So the food pyramid is a hoax and cholesterol is good for us? I just looked at the original 1992 food pyramid published by the USDA (after the first publication in 1974 in Sweden) and it looks pretty reasonable. In the early 1990s people did not on average look fat as fuck. But I get your overall point and agree. Propaganda works, pretty much anything works on uneducated and stupid specimen.

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  7. MarkBrown


    remember when eggs were bad and now there good and cheese was bad and now it's ok we all need less global government and more freedom and less regulations. also we all all need more guns and ammo, few tanks and fighter jets would good also.
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    my sister asked me why eggs and pork are always eaten for breakfast. she thought it might have been health. I said no, its because the pork industry lobbied to brainwash everyone into thinking that. looked it up. its the truth, it started with an advertising campaign
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    It's a very different thing to convince people to use your product then "they will not only believe it, but no amount of proof to the contrary will convince them otherwise." As evidenced by the fact that the vast majority of Americans at least no longer eat pork and eggs for breakfast.

    Our friend @clacy pulled something out of his ass to support his false idea that COVID is somehow not real but that we've been both brainwashed and unable to re-evaluate the facts surrounding the disease. Which is not only categorically false, but he's actually dumb enough to go on to demonstrate that he is the one living in a made up universe and impervious to reason by fabricating something to support his position and then disappearing when called on to support his bullshit. Typical.
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    its real. people have a very hard time making casual inferences from invisible things. science escapes them. most people don't know about the spectrum of visible light
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