Leaked Memo on FED Bailout & Wall Street Cover Up

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  1. Memorandum

    To: All Staff of GS, BSC, ML, LEH

    Date: August 10, 2007

    Subject: Summer Vacation Cancelled


    It has come to the managements attention that the office environment has been allowed to become untidy with junk mail and "junk email" clogging up the email server.

    Therefore we have decided to take proactive action to address these issues. Summer vacation for all staff is cancelled and all staff are to report to work this weekend.

    Please bring coveralls and gloves as you will be helping with "spring" cleaning the office. IT staff will also work to clean the email server of all "junk email" received prior to today. We have also arranged for a contracted paper shredding service to help us with the junk mail cleaning. This is all for a good cause as the shredded paper will be recycled into toilet paper and given to the needy.

    We thank you for your cooperation with this matter.


    Wall Street Management

    p.s. Please bring a cardboard box to help us with cleaning your cubicle.