Leaked gov't report on how it secretly planned to dismantle Wikileaks

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  1. Disseminate to everyone you know.

    Looks exactly like what they're doing.

    So, the Attorney General can't proclaim ignorance of how PayPal, Mastercard, Visa, Amazon, the Wau Holland Foundation, etc., etc., MyStErIoUsLy backed away from Wikileaks.

  2. Just a speed bump I think. Wiki leaks is alive and well. 1500 mirrors strong and growing...

  3. Thanks for the response.

    You may, though, have missed the significance of the link.

    Eric Holder, the nation's top law enforcement official states there is no dirty tricks campaign against Wikileaks.

    The secret, leaked U.S. document describes the dirty tricks campaign.
  4. US law enforcement personnel lying = significant?? LOL!!! You aren't american are you???

  5. Thanks for the good news. I thought they were going to let that miscreant piss all over them. Good to know they are ready to man up, and send him back where he came from.
  6. Eight


    Minor details my good man!! It's just [US Government] business as usual!
  7. I got an email about this.

    The top of page 16 has the U.S. gov.t describing Wikileaks as "Journalists", so they can't be pursued in court. The Attorney General's contention is that Assange is not a journalist - he's more of a spy.

    Clinton and the AG are Losers. They can't influence current affairs without resorting to dirty tricks.