Leaked Biden Emails show Evidence Joe Biden Lied About Ukraine Dealings

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  2. This news is being suppressed by the Deep State.
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    nypost lol

    Trump team makes a suspicious effort to swing the election with purported Hunter Biden emails
    Rudy Giuliani is again trying to drum up a scandal about the Bidens and Ukraine.

    It’s October in a year when President Donald Trump is running for reelection — and, as if on cue, the mysteriously obtained private emails of someone close to his opponent have been leaked.

    The leaker in this case is President Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani, who provided a copy of a hard drive that contains photos and purported emails of Joe Biden’s son Hunter to the New York Post.

    It’s not clear whether the supposed emails, which involve Hunter and the Ukrainian gas company he worked for, Burisma, are authentic. What’s even less clear is how they ended up making their way to Giuliani — and whether illegality or foreign interference might have been involved.
    During the 2016 campaign, Russian intelligence officers hacked Democrats’ emails and provided them to WikiLeaks, and the release of Clinton campaign chair John Podesta’s emails occurred in the final weeks before Election Day.
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    vox lol
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    Giuliani lol
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    My understanding is the emails are from 2014.

    Ask John Brennan.

    Surely he'll have an opinion.
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    Here we go again! Another FBI investigation coming right before the election that will lead to nothing. Probably swung the election to Trump in 2016 even though the FBI found nothing on Hillary.
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    Joe Biden DENIES meeting his son's Ukrainian business partner despite 'thank you for opportunity to meet your father' email found on laptop - as Giuliani claims he has 40,000 emails and MORE 'compromising' Hunter 'sex and drugs' photos
    • Email cache raises new claims about Hunter Biden's dealings with Ukrainian firm
    • He apparently introduced Joe Biden to an executive at gas company Burisma
    • Biden would later pressure Ukraine to fire prosecutor investigating the firm
    • Prosecutor was fired amid concerns which were shared by other countries
    • Stash of files was disclosed by Donald Trump's personal attorney Rudy Giuliani
    • The Senate Homeland Security Committee says it has been contacted by the 'whistleblower' and is looking into the matter
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