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    Lets open a discussion on how to get in to the market, before it moves trading intraday.

    Based on market leading Indicators, I am not talking about MACD,RSI or any of these things. I look at other markets such as indices stocks bonds ticks, so on. there are so many.

    We will base it on the Dow 30 simple reason that most of us know something about the companies, it's easier to monitor leading indictors there are a few things than can move the Dow as I mention above. Wouldn't be great to get in on the YM/Mini before the Dow moves.

    The leaders of the Dow used to be the Generals: General Motors and General Electric. Today, the US economy is based more in finance and technology, That means leadership has changed to companies like Citigroup, the world’s largest financial services corporation. And Intel, the world’s largest maker of semi-conductor chips, because in our digital world today chips are ubiquitous. so could Tech now have some bearing on the Dow maybe a new leader...Can the $trans continue to lead the Dow in the future?

    So let the discussion begin and how to get in to the YM.Dow before everyone else sees it on an intraday basis. The time frames would be from a tick chart to a 10 min chart.

    What can we use?

    What to look for?
  2. rcj


    Sudden moves in CL/QM portend an opposite YM move of late. Pretty obvious.
  3. "... leading Indicators ... "

    Aren't all, if not most, leading indicators based on past information? If so, there is no such thing as a leading indicator, which could help explain why this thread was even started - in hopes of finding a leading indicator, which does not exist.

    Just my opinion.
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    Ummmm didnt CL/Qm go up $2 yesterday as the market ran up as well?

    By opposite....do you mean the opposite of what everyone thinks....sorta like George Costanza tried once?

    Or is it the opposite of the opposite which means it would have the opposite result eevry other time?

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    This has been hashed over before. i think the conclusion was to get tomorrows evening paper tonight.............:eek: :cool:

    No such animal exists.
  6. On a related side note I noticed over the summer that many times the currency futures moves opposite the index futures. Then all of the sudden they move in tandem. I couldn't find the correlation I believed existed. Or maybe I am just too new to read the tea leaves.

    Now I just like to watch the ES just to get confirmation if my ER is going to move the same direction or do I have divergence.
  7. the closest indicator to the dow is the tiki but it moves around so much i never have found a way to make it useful other than spotting programs.
  8. Although you seem to be looking more into doing stock analysis to help with your trades in YM...

    I use something much different (see my first few replies in the below thread).


  9. All correlations and relationships between indices and sectors eventually fail or will go out of sync for so long that noone would even think about sitting through a 2 year massive drawdown. You can use them as small edges, but I personally would never give them more then a 5% weighting on a trade I want to do.
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    There is one way and one way only, and that is to have opened your position yesterday. There exists nothing under the sun which will predicate the future for you with certainty and consistency.
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