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  1. Assuming the market makes a new leg upwards and takes out the 52 week highs.. what stocks will lead?

    The only stocks that I see doing well are the medical/bio.

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  3. Why does stock leadership matter to you?

    You have already gone on record as saying that you don't even trade stocks, only indexes. So why do you care?
  4. There are such things as sector etf's.
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    Try looking at those with the largest %Gain!
  6. INTERNET - Internet Software & Services
    INTERNET - Internet Information Providers
    COMPUTER SOFTWARE & SERVICES - Security Software & Services
    TRANSPORTATION - Regional Airlines
    DIVERSIFIED SERVICES - Education & Training Services
    DIVERSIFIED SERVICES - Security & Protection Services
    DIVERSIFIED SERVICES - Staffing & Outsourcing Service
    WHOLESALE - Drugs Wholesale
    WHOLESALE - Medical Equipment Wholesale
    WHOLESALE - Electronics Wholesale
    WHOLESALE - Building Materials Wholesale
    SPECIALTY RETAIL - Toy & Hobby Stores
    MEDIA - Movie Production, Theaters
    LEISURE - Resorts & Casinos
    LEISURE - Lodging
    MANUFACTURING - Small Tools & Accessories
    MANUFACTURING - Machine Tools & Accessories
    HEALTH SERVICES - Medical Practitioners
    HEALTH SERVICES - Medical Instruments & Supplies
    DRUGS - Diagnostic Substances
    DRUGS - Drug Related Products
    DRUGS - Drug Delivery
    FOOD & BEVERAGE - Meat Products
    AUTOMOTIVE - Recreational Vehicles
    AUTOMOTIVE - Auto Manufacturers - Major
    CONSUMER NON-DURABLES - Rubber & Plastics
    CONSUMER DURABLES - Recreational Goods, Other
  7. Try reading the interview of Ned Davis this week in Barron's regarding the groups that perform the best during an Election Year Cycle.

    Oh, I forgot.
    You don't want to read anything that might be considered Bullish.

    My bad.

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    Nanotech will come back with a vengence.