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  1. ocean5


    I predict the lead prices will ten fold by 2016
  2. I'm easily lead.

    :D ..


    Tell us more.
  3. Rise 10-fold?
  4. Lead will lead the way! :p
  5. No. Will drop like a lead balloon.
  6. The Chinese buy it up to put it in the food we buy from them thanks to the Republican party opening up our flood gates of money to discharge on the steps of Beijing.

    They used to put it in our kids' toys until they got caught.

    The more food we buy from China, the higher the cost of lead. As soon as they have us all full of lead, the dumber we get and the sooner they take over.

    Keep voting Republican and watch the price of lead skyrocket.
  7. ocean5


    Yes,the price of plumbum will skyrocket,$10 to $15 for sure.

    "Lead, atomic number 82, is the most popular metal used for radiation protection due to its inexpensive cost. It works well in shielding against radiation because electrons stop x-rays, and lead has 82 protons and electrons, which is higher than many other metals. When using metals to stop x-rays from passing through, it is important to note that the thickness of the metal is just as important as the number of electrons in the metal. A metal with a lower number of electrons per atom, such as aluminum, could also be used, but it would have to be a lot thicker in order to provide the same level of protection."
  8. fwiw, Mexico puts lead in lolipops (other assorted candy) mnnnnnn.