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    I know that a bunch of you on here have trading related websites, and for the most part I bet 99% of you are doing the same thing to get clients. You post on message boards, you do some PPC, you try to get picked up in magazines if your lucky enough to have the connections, ditto the expos and speaking for the exchanges when they do webinars.

    Here is something to try. I'm working witih a guy who NO ONE would recognize and in less then six months we are making six figures per month with the site (very low six figures..but still six).


    The newspaper industry is sucking wind and they are cheap right now. Go to Newspapers in towns that have a population of say 50K to 250K people. The advertised rates can usually be had for about 10% of you go for remits are ready to pay right away.

    I've been able to get 30,000 worth of advertising for $1000 in this manner, and it pays very well. Put in a nice space ad to get people to come to your site for a free report, then put a good autoresponder together. I've got an autoresponder that is closing at 6% if anyone is interested in having a look at it.

  2. Another potential web promotion advertising spot would be on city buses, not outside the bus but inside the bus. I found out about ClearlyContacts.ca for cheap glasses from a bus and I notice the advertising is directed to the lower class.

    • Cheap Glasses
    • Bankruptcy
    • Debt Problems
    • Employment Advice
    • Immigration Layers

    The lower class is also into get rich ideas such as FX, Options, Trading. I wonder how much they charge for those 10" x 36" or so back lit bus advertising spots, looks like each bus has about 12 in total.

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    Thats an interesting idea, had never thought of it. Problem is I really hate selling cheap products to cheap people...they make shitty customers and they think that because they paid you $19.95 you owe them your entire life. Never the less, I suspect debt services and whatnot might work out well there.
    The thing that is really good about the newspapers right now though is they are struggling..you can get $10,000 worth of space ads for $1000 right now because they are in such bad shape.
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