Le tour de France

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  1. Bit ho-hum so far, though there was a great stack the other day.

    Anyone watching? Bets? Only got into it when Armstrong was in his last race, that was incredible.

    Not familiar with the new/other guys, (previously known as riders who arent lance armstrong) anyone following?
  2. No?
    I'd drop some names as to my fav's, just i cant spell them. :(

    This is likely the first "open" race in years, anyone, any team could take this.

    Exciting stuff!
  3. The guy who won it last year was stripped of it because of drugs or something..
  4. Um, the italian rider-whose name i cant recall or spell.
    That sounded like a gip, he was busted for asthma medication or something-non roid meds.
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    acronym, who / what are you talking about? :confused:

    The 2006 Tour winner, Floyd Landis, is not Italian. Synthetic testosterone is not an asthma med... Landis doesn't have asthma. It's not like this has been a major ongoing story in pro cycling over the last year...

    Also, Landis has not been stripped of his title and €450,000 prize money yet, although both (plus a 2-year ban) seem to be inevitable at this stage.
  6. Lol, i have no idea:D
    I listen to the commentary, but......its kinda late at night here too, maybe they were talking about a previous stage winner or something.

    I'll have to check some facts, huh, was just trying to get some interest happnin in this amazing race-mainly watch it for the scenery:)

    Performance enhancing drugs, in cycling?:eek: :D
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    I bet on Rasmussen, from norway
  8. Hes riding strongly, interesting to see if anyone can actually get a lead through the pyranees section.
  9. Rasmussen is still sitting there-what a strange race, while there are a handfull of contenders, it could change quickly.

    The columbian guy is well worth a shot, Solare, but Vinokourov, shit i reckon he's still worth a shot, sure, out of contention time wise, but what gut's to have stuck it to 'em on that last pyranees stage, just because he could, rasmussen may win, but he's a PUSSY in comparison.

    If Vinokourov can do that.......whos to say.
  10. Didn't someone else get caught for drugs today? Can't remember names cause I don't know many other than Lance Armstrong!!
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