LDK Solar

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  1. LDK prelim $1.29 vs $0.42 First Call consensus; revs $441.7 mln vs $282.04 mln First Call consensus

    LDK sees Q3 revs $486-496 mln vs $307.05 mln First Call consensus
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    SOLR is a new IPO that is a competitor of LDK. Be interesting to see if it follows LDK.
  3. I liked the SOLR IPO, until it opened and i was messing around in chat room saying I'm not touching it I wouldn't be suprised to see a 9 handle on it. Opened straight to the 9's has rebounded some. Might get a pop. You never know with these things.
  4. wow... just wow... solr makes equipment to make polysilicon, ldk makes polysilicon

    get your fkin information straight.....................................

    btw ldk up initially 9$ afterhours i sold half my position after buying in today interesting to see what this does tommorrow
  5. You never know. See what happens after they report their earnings. Everyone is looking for the next FSLR.
  6. My personal favorite in the sector other than FSLR, is Suntech Power STP.
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    Thanks for straightening me out :D