LDK blowout earnings thread, Aug 10th

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  1. I have been buying since around $5.20 and I will keep buying while under $10. Chinese solars on the move, SOL on Monday and then, LDK and JASO on Tuesday.

    Analysts avg est 0.22, I think we will see at least 0.5, goodluck.
  2. JASO's getting roasted. I just bought 1000 shares @5.95. Let's see how it does.
  3. 0.36 vs 0.22 est, after maker $7.90, guides much higher. I've been holding 10,000 shares with cost avg around $6.40 and don't plan on selling in the next two years :) Probably sell a third around $18 or so.
  4. Ouch...!
  5. A bad day for earnings ehh, I'm suprised it held up as well as it did. But no big deal I'm actually green today because I keep an equal of short positions. Ill probbaly keep buying more of ldk, solf, and ener at these levels as I take profits from shorts on lvs, mgm, pcln, hlf, bidu, crm. Goodluck
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    not sure if this company will survive another 3 years. Check out its debt level, its been loading up every year and now its sitting close to 50% leverage level. And their cash flow sucks, they are taking on new debt and issuing new stocks to compensate for their lack of cash flow.
  7. Not worried, ldk will be making 8 eps/year 3 years from. Will probably finish 2010 with around 1.50 in earings ,2011 around 3 to 4 in eps. Research the poly plants. Ldk is rapidly becoming the lowest cost provider and most vertically integrated pv company in the world. Ldk will be the best performing nasdaq stock during the next year period unless the world economy collapse again so keep hedged on other overvalued equities and you will come out allright, I am not selling any shares until around $18
  8. bump and grind, what sell off?? :)
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    Solar technology is alittle more complicated than costs. They might have lower costs than other companies but if their solar panels cannot keep with the newest efficiency rates then its doomed. When I was in college studying semiconductors and solar cells, they had an efficiency of like 12% or something in 2005-6ish i think.
  10. Sounds like a pump to me. That or your a kool-aid drinker :confused:
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