LCD vs CRT for trading

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    I have a question...I am going to be setting up a system to daytrade, and will be using 2 monitors. I have been to the stores (compusa, best buy) and viewed the LCD's. While I am impressed with the overall picture, I can't help but notice that when you scroll down the page, or move a minimized window around the screen, it is rather blurry (ghosting?) I'm looking for advice from experienced traders as to how the t&s looks on an LCD. I like to trade active stocks where the trades often fly by, and can barely be viewed on a CRT. I notice that many traders seem to use LCD's, but I'm wondering if that is because of space concerns vs. picture clarity. I have the room to put top of the line 21" CRTs in, and price is no object, I can spend 600 on each monitor for 19" LCD's. Any advice appreciated!
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    Whether you choose CRT or LCD, you should experience zero difference in performance for trading.

    The bluring you've seen when moving a chart may likely be due to "video sharing" by computers you see at the computer stores. Or, specific to particular software.

    Though traders usually get newer ones to work for multi-monitor and multi-video card, I suggest you avoid computers with "integrated video". They are cheaper for a reason.

  3. go with LCD, unless you're a very demanding gamer, I agree with the previous'll see no difference.
    LCDs are easier on your eyes, take a fraction of the space a CRT does, save energy..the only downside was cost but prices are getting lower by the day ,
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    I've got 6 191Ts (LCDs) and a 21" CRT, but I don't trade stocks. My LCDs update my T&S windows fine for ES, ER2, NQ and YM. My LCDs are easier on my eyes.

    When LCDs started getting popular, FPS (First Person Shooters) gamers would say that they were slow. I never noticed that on mine tho. Perhaps the current generation of LCDs is faster.

    My advice? Buy one from a store that has a good return policy and try it out. And don't forget to factor in the cost of stands. My ergotron dual mon stands were about $250 each, IIRC. No mass market for them yet. :(
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    Thanks! I have a Dell Precision 470 on order, with an Nvidia 280 NVS Dual Monitor card. I'm just concerned because of what I've seen personally, and by what gamers complain about, the ghosting. It seems most gamers still go for CRTs because of the better response time, and I am wondering if that is the same for trading.
  6. Pay attention to the response time of an LCD and that it is operating at the design resolution. I'm doing a lot with LCD's and haven't noticed any ghosting or blurring unless I'm watching an action move full screen or something when I'm bored.
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    Thanks! I'm wondering if anyone has tried the Viewsonic VP192B or any other 19" from them. I see good reviews from gamers; I see from some of the other threads here that the Dell 1905FP is also a good choice for trading. I'll probably try one of these.
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    I have no problem watching movies on LCD. If it's good enough for movies it is definitely good enough for trading. Unless you are a fan of getting beamed by EMF's coming out of crt's. LCD is a win win choice, no EMF's, no flicker, less eye strain, much less energy use should more than pay for itself in it's lifetime. Longevity wise I'm not completely sure but I do know crt continuously degrade about as quick as a plasma tv. While LCD I don't see much going wrong with them besides the backlight.
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    The VP192B is the most recommended LCD right now for gaming because it has a very fast response time of 12ms, compared to other LCDs that average around 25ms. The lower response time is integral to getting rid of the ghosting. I think some other company makes an 8ms LCD now, but it is only available in 17" (Samsung?). I'm planning on getting the VP192B for myself too, maybe even two of them.

    If you are tight on cash you can get the slightly cheaper VP191b ($100 less) that has a reponse time of 16ms, which will probably do fine for trading and watching DVDs, but it is not fast enough for first person action games. This model also has a better contrast ratio of 700:1 compared to the 92's 450:1, which means that the whites and blacks look better.

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    ViewSonic is my favorite.
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