lcd shopping... any suggestions???

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    i'm shopping for a 17" lcd monitor. looking for something with good value ~ doesn't have to be cheap ~ just good bang for the buck. i'll be using it for trading, basic tasks and maybe movies but i'm not a gamer.

    any recommendations? should i go with digital or analog?
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    1. Digital better, but more expesive. Difference in display quality between digital and analog display is SMALL.
    2. Samsung 172T and Hitachi CML17xxxx are 2 of the best.... Viewsonic VA720 is good, too.
    3. If you want to economize, watch for KOGi to go on sale with big rebate at Best Buy or CompUSA... $499 + $150 rebate, 3 yr warranty. Display is excellent. Envision looks good, too, but we've heard the expected "life" of the backlight is only 10,000 hours. (vs Viewsonic, who claims 50,000 hours)
    4. Check with retailer on "dead pixel policy". Some want you to have 5 or so in a small area to declare the display defective. Others have a "zero dead pixel" policy.
    5. Be sure you want to view at 1280 x 1024 resolution. That's "native" on most 17's, and likely the only one with sharp resolution.
    6. If you can find out, look for maker of the panel to be either Samsung or Philips. They are the heavyweights.

    That should do you for starters.
  3. Hey gnome......

    I have a buddy who recently opted NOT for the DVI flavor. He has an ATI Radeon card, running 2 brand new Mitsubishi LCD's w/ Dual monitor support.

    One is for VGA/CRT plug............the other is for DVI.......the VGA/CRT gives a super super crisp cool pic on his LCD screen..........When he purchased the VGA/DVI adapter for the other port to enable him to plug in another CRT like plug, the pic is pretty crappy and fuzzy.

    What gives on this -- is it merely quality assurance, or are there compatibilty issues between the conversion process of going from CRT/VGA to a DVI/VGA ......BTW, the drivers are properly installed, I checked myself.......
  4. Right now, Samsung has a great rebate on their 17" LCD for 100 bucks. Viewsonic also has 17" LCD's with $100 rebates. I would start there.
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    spend a little more and get Samsung 181T

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    I just recently bought 2 DELL UltraSharp 1800FP 18-inch Flat Panel LCD Monitors. They were 20% percent off at ( came to about $510.00 each). The sale is no longer going on, but I am sure they will offer the same sale soon. I got the Radean 9000 series video card as well. I am very pleased with my new setup. One feature I really like on the Dell LCD's are the thin frames. Sometime in the not so distant future, I am going to purchase a third.

    Good Luck
    :) :) :)
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    Not sure if these are decent, but Office Depot has this deal on SVA VR-17S 17" LCD.

    Go to and scroll down a bit in Mar 9th deals.
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    I will never buy another Viewsonic again. I purchased a 19" CRT about a year ago and sent it back. I worked w/ technical support but the picture was always fuzzy.

    I purchased 2 VG175 LCD's and have used them for about a year. Both of them are giving me problems right now. One is constantly fuzzy and the other takes a long time (minutes) to display the picture on boot up or after the energy saver kicks in.
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