LCD Screen's Display Manufacturers

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  1. Can someone tell me which LCD Screen manufacturers do well in the stock market.. any good pick idea's? I am anticipating that these companies might be good stocks to pick, seeing the drift and demand for LCD Screens'.. Does anyone trade in this industry? If so, please advice on some major manufacturers...
  2. LG, but i think its only on the hang sang
  3. LG is a Korean company and definitely on the rise, but I think their LCDs are made jointly with Phillips under the ticker symbol LPL.

    Hope this helps.
  4. LG makes screens for a lot of the TVs out there, more than just phillips. I beleive sony uses LG screens
  5. AUO and GLW.

    Be careful - margins are getting hammered.
  6. Sony actually uses Samsung LCDs from a joint venture that the two have called S-LCD.
  7. Look into SIGM
  8. AAA30


    Does kodak hold alot of patents on LCD tech? I remember seeing this somewhere, it may be the newer types of leds. Of course if they do they most likely would not be able to capitalize on it.