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  1. i want to say thanks to you guys who helped me out in the other thread, im very grateful for that.

    i plan on buying the Dell Precision T3400, and since it comes with a Quadro NVS 290, PCIEx16 video card i will just go with running 2 lcd monitors for now.

    my question is, i plan on buying 2 lcds and i would like to get a dual monitor stand. are monitors and stands compatible with each other? meaning if i get 2 17" monitors from company xyz and the stand is made by company abc, will i still be able to put the on the stand? i apologize if this seems confusing
  2. Monitor mounting uses a standard called VESA. The numbers are the center to center spacing of the bolts. For example, if a 17" monitor can be put on an array, stand, or wall mount, it will say VESA 100x100 standard. That is in metric meaning the bolt spacing is 100mm on center horizontally and 100mm vertically.

    Make sure your stand and monitors have the same standard specified.
  3. My opinion:

    Most LCD monitors come with their own stands. Since you have only 2 monitors, why not just let them stand on their own? Why spend extra money, for what gain? Maybe it's only a "neat" factor. Some multi-monitor stands are more expensive than the monitors themselves.
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    I agree. If money is a concern (it almost always is) and if space isn't an issue, I would rather pay for an additional monitor. IMO