LCD Monitor resolution confusion

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by mktman, Dec 11, 2003.

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    LCD resolutions confusion

    Setting up a new system.
    Need dual LCD's.
    Now have 2 191t's- Samsung.

    Want an AGP and a PCI video cards.

    Looking at ATI 9600 line and ATI 7500 PCI line.

    Here is my confusion.
    LCD is listed native resoltuion in digital at 1280X1024 - 85Hz.

    BUT say the 9600 line says 1280X1024 - 120Hz.
    1600X1200 85Hz

    7500 PCI 1280X1024-160Hz

    So am I too assume that neither of these cards would work because resolution not supported?
    Many using 191t's.


  2. gnome


    You are quoting the "maximum refresh rate" for the card at a given resolution. Your card won't indicate a possible refresh rate which is higher than it can handle, so that part is not a worry. However, you don't want to exceed the monitor's capability, either. Any refresh rate at/lower than the maximum the monitor can handle is OK.

    Safe way.... select Display/Settings/Advanced/Monitor and check the box, "Hide modes this monitor cannot display". Then, choose from one of the alternatives left.
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