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  1. I am looking to buy 3 19" LCD's for under 1k... any good coupons or deals out there?
  2. Trendfader, I have bought a number of things from links off of this website which lists dell coupons as well as deals from other tech sites. I don't see any 19" dell coupons right now, but the following webpage has a link for a monitor sale.

    I saw a lg flatron 289, planar 365, princeton 250 - maybe someone else could comment on the quality of these monitors.
  3. Any links to any specific deals?
  4. There were so many shown I just put the main webpage link down. If you go to that page and look in the right column, you will see a monitor sale link that shows the monitors.
  5. I'm looking for a 19" with a thin bezel in black fr under $300 a piece. WHich would be the best.. i think the dell 1905's are probably the best choice.. but they are not on sale now.
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    Costco mailed out a coupon book with a 19" Princeton LCD for $279 good June 27 through July3, limit one per coupon.

    Regular price $329.
  7. Kowboy, is this the same monitor you saw at Costco, it's $249.99.

    Princeton LCD 1910 19"
    500:1 Contrast Ratio, Maximum/Native Resolution: SXGA 1280 x 1024 Maximum Resolution* / SXGA 1280 x 1024 Recommended Resolution.

    <a href="" target="_top" >Flat Screen Monitors as Low as $199</a><img src="" width="1" height="1" border="0">
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    The monitor at Costco website is Princeton model VL 1916, Analog and DVI, 700:1 contrast ratio 25ms response, 1280x1024sxvga, .294 mm pixel pitch. I notice on the website it is now $279 with a rebate. Although I don't know if this is the same model they willl have for the coupon in store.
  9. Please let me know when dell with have the 1905fp under $300 shipped. thanks
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