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  1. I'm wondering if their trading profits are inversely proportional to the amount of spam they send out. Stop flooding our mailboxes and go hump your services to some new fish.
  2. i just looked at their site... im wondering what value anyone could possibly see in this operation? kinda reminds me of that lame junk

  3. She's a Market Wizard .....
  4. She is exploiting her Market Wizard status to make as much money as possible which, I imagine, the rest of us would do if we were in the same position. Shes a good trader and a good teacher. I spent quite a bit of time in her room and I believe she genuinely likes to teach.

  5. Hey easy I'm curious did you find any benefit to her room versus just reading her book?

    I subscribe to her basic service and find it very valuable and I have been considering the live room.

    Any thoughts on it's value.
  6. In which case she should have money to advertise her seminar and not spam on elitetrader. A couple of days her seminar advertisement was posted on multiple threads here, now emails are being sent spamming the service. These should be huge red flags for anyone.
    The question is how much does she make from her trading as against her room and other seminars.
  7. why would someone who is a "Market Wizard" start stepping up the spam of newsletters, chatrooms and seminars? Because trading can produce lean times for even the best of us? Maybe. IMO, I would say that it is more likely her profitable strategies and patterns are going the way of the Dodo and she is savvy enough to recognize this.
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    It's sooooo simple, but people want to circumvent disclosing their trading statements like the Black Plauge. Gee, I wonder why? What do you think?


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    I agree, Nitro.:)
    p.s. plague (sp)
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    I once spent three days in her room, not one profitable call was made. Although i subscribed for one month, i didn't bother after that any more.
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