Lazyass, good-for-nothing Repugs ...

Discussion in 'Politics' started by kut2k2, Dec 12, 2006.

  1. kut2k2


    Just when I think the Repugs have hit rockbottom, they always find a lower place to crawl. By now, I should know better. :D

    So having to work a five-day week is like torture for this whiny pampered crybaby of a khan-servative. Hell, it's even anti-family, gawddammit!, in some twisted parody of thought that could have as easily come from Bizarro World as it did from a reich-minded political hack.

    Once again, how that party of freaks and goons gained power is a mystery to me, or a very sad statement on the mindset of the average American voter.
  2. A typical inbred klansman bitching... nothing to be surprised about. His supporters are like him, from the shallow end of the gene pool.
  3. I think the less congress is around, the better. A part time congress would be a definite improvement.
  4. Hey, we can't all be deep thinkers like you.
  5. neophyte321

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    why is it when people attacks others (as "freaks and goons" for instance) and then go on to ridicule their intelligence they often do so in the form of a terribly inane and worthless post that does nothing but demonstrate their own decadance and stupidity?
  6. Arnie


    I agree. In fact I think serving in Congress should be as appealing as jury duty.
  7. I tend to agree. I think the pay should be cut in half and all health and pension benefits ended. As it is, they are enormous. They get gold-plated, no-cost health care and a retirement plan that is the envy of the NBA.

    Career congressmen are the root of most of our problems. They become in effect employees of lobbyists who rent them out for individual votes. There is a strong correlation between length of service and proclivity to support spending. A 98% incumbent reelection rate doesn't exactly fill them with fear of their constituents.
  8. Artie21


    The problem is not the institution, it's the local party machines which are run by special interests. A two party system gaurantees a certain number of hand picked bagmen. If they are actually talented bagmen, they rise to Majority leader Delay or President Bush. But they are still bought and paid for.

    But I think that AAA has a point. Term limits has its merits. But in the end would that be good or bad? If a representative is limited to say 4 consecutive terms, will that breed independence of thought and vote of a representative? Perhaps the representative would become more beholden to special interests with the certain knowledge that he will have to go out and start a new career and find employment.

    Clearly, the only choice in the end is to send all retired congresspersons to Iraq to help quell the violence.