lazy American students

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  1. My lazy American students
    “I’ll do better,’’ my student told me, leaning forward in his chair. “I know I’ve gotten behind this semester, but I’m going to turn things around. Would it be OK if I finished all my uncompleted work by Monday?’’

    I sat silent for a moment. “Yes. But it’s important that you catch up completely this weekend, so that you’re not just perpetually behind.’’

    A few weeks later, I would conduct a nearly identical conversation with two other students. And, again, there would be no tangible result: No make-up papers. No change in effort. No improvement in time management.

    By the time students are in college, habits can be tough to change. If you’re used to playing video games like “Modern Warfare’’ or “Halo’’ all night, how do you fit in four hours of homework? Or rest up for class?

    Teaching in college, especially one with a large international student population, has given me a stark - and unwelcome - illustration of how Americans’ work ethic often pales in comparison with their peers from overseas.

    My “C,’’ “D,’’ and “F’’ students this semester are almost exclusively American, while my students from India, China, and Latin America have - despite language barriers - generally written solid papers, excelled on exams, and become valuable class participants.
  2. It's a t-ball nation. Everyone gets a trophy regardless.
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    The biggest tell of a student is the type of phone they have. The ones who learn don't have the blackberries or iphones.
  4. I thought this was the New America, bought and paid for

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    More propaganda.

    Is it really fair to compare all American students to the top 10-15% of students from other nations? Anyone who chooses a real major isn't going skate by. They're going to have to work their ass off for it. I've yet to meet an engineering grad who spent all of his/her time partying.