Lazard taking big hit on Ericsson fall

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by gbakker, Oct 16, 2007.

  1. gbakker


    Ericsson down 25% that means: 16 bln $ marketcap loss.

    Some parties can deal with that, like Fidelity with 1% ownership. But there are also parties that will take a big hit.

    Lazard Asset Management is an institutional holder with 0.38% of shares Ericsson..

    Marketcap is only 2.5 bln $ for LAZ.

    Watch this stock dive @ open today
  2. dtan1e


    why did Ericsson fall so much?
  3. Missed earnings and profit targets by a good margin.
  4. chsbla


    LAZARD ASSET MANAGEMENT LLC 5,616,040 .38 $224,023,835 30-Jun-07

    by my calculation they lost 60mil overnight, that can't be good for their stock today!