Lawyers in Germany are representing bond holders are sueing Greece and Banks

Discussion in 'Economics' started by boris925, Mar 14, 2012.

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    Bond holders are now sueing, due to greek bonds now trading at much higher yields thentheir longer maturity and less return investmest, which they were forced into.

    who in their right mind will buy greek bonds now? the likely hood of getting the return advertised, let alone your original investment back..does not seem likely. Only organisations large enough to take a small loss for a while, while they reshuffle and position themselves for a much larger problem....will be doing this.

    I think in this case bondholders have more than a right to get their money back. It would be interesting when theres a whole lot more money involved, for instance if this was the italian economy...telling a larger investor.....sorry Goldman , im not giving your 150 Billion.

    Do you see the class action group being successfull? And if so, Greece cannot pay will the EU? I'm taking a punt and saying they will be successfull.....not that its a moral world but I think its makes sense and they have some kind of a right.

    Interesting times for sure.