Lawyers For Julian Assange Outraged That Details About His Sex Life Were Leaked

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  1. Irony Alert: Lawyers For Julian Assange Outraged That Details About His Sex Life Were Leaked

    The Australian reported:
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  4. Michael Moore Supports WikiLeaks, Then Discredits Lies Released By… WikiLeaks
    By Doug Powers • December 18, 2010 11:27 AM

    Just file this one under “SickiLeaks.”

    In 2007, noted multi-millionaire anti-capitalist Michael Moore released “Sicko,” the film that compared an allegedly lousy US health care system to a purportedly superior Cuban health system.

    The UK’s Guardian reported yesterday that, according to information in a cable released by WikiLeaks, the Cuban government had banned Moore’s movie, Sicko. For what alleged reason? Because Cuban authorities feared that if the general Cuban population saw that such a great health care system was available to everybody in the country, there would be a backlash from people wondering why they weren’t being allowed access to it.

    Moore took issue in the Huffington Post, saying that the Cuban government did promote his movie:
    Taking Moore at his word (it isn’t easy to pick up a phone, call the Cuban government and get them to verify information), my own guess is that any Cuban authority concern about Moore’s over-the-top praise for Cuba’s national health system was trumped by Sicko’s relentless bashing of the American way. In other words, Cuban authorities possibly determined that Moore’s film would make fewer people want to get in a raft and go to Miami (the other way around is never a concern). And if any Cuban citizen ran into Castro’s office demanding the health care depicted in Moore’s film, well, they’re pretty good at dealing with dissidents, so that was probably never a real concern.

    In the meantime, Moore continues to serve as unofficial defense counsel for Julian Assange, so the WikiLeaks founder can continue the important work of forwarding the cause of freedom by leaking documents that, according to Michael Moore, are subject to being riddled with lies, half-truths and misleading data.

    Said Moore responding to Rep. Peter King, who referred to WikiLeaks as a terrorist organization: “Indeed they are! They exist to terrorize the liars and warmongers who have brought ruin to our nation and to others.”

    Terrorize liars by releasing material that, according to Michael Moore, is possibly riddled with lies? My irony addiction is hereby satisfied for the foreseeable future.
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    If Assange were leaked the prosecutors file and strategy, would he post it?

    By the way, I read a reasonable piece in time magazine while waiting to get a hair cut.

    It seems the govt has a real problem discerning what should be classified.

    Apparently 700,000 people have clearance...
  6. when they published this, no one said a thing.