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  1. I own a physician staffing agency. One of my physician candidates was frustrated today because a client of mine in California was not interested in setting up an interview with him. So then this physician candidate sent me an email today cursing at me calling me an asshole and stupid. It's not my fault my client was not interested in him. Am I able to sue him by any chance for sending me that nasty email?
  2. How were you "damaged" by what he did? (Other than having your feelings hurt.)

    When you file a lawsuit, you're asking for quantifiable damages (compensation) for harm that was done to you.
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  4. Can't it be considered cyber bullying?
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    if it's repeated it possibly could be. But would it be worth it to file a suit based on a law to protect adolescents and find yourself in the op/ed section of your local paper being called jagoff of the year?

    Give yourself a 30 day cooling off period and if you still feel like it you can set up a consultation with an attorney.
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  7. I am located in Georgia and he is located in Michigan. Since he has alot of money, I am wondering if I can sue and make $1 million or more off this case. There must be some attorney who would take this case and work on a contingency basis.

  8. In other words, you didn't really have any financial damage, but you feel inclined to sue him because he has a lot of money.

    It is unfortunate that there are too many people like you, people who put energy and time in frivolous lawsuits without merit instead of creating/working for something.

    If this is how you react maybe you deserve the insults you got. Getting something for nothing it is not fair and usually it does not work. If you had damages you have to show prof. It's so funny that you really believe that a nasty letter will make you 1 Million. Let me guess, after receiving that letter you lost sleep at night and could not perform your job in the morning and lost money ?
    Feel free to add more BS, just remember that at the end of the day to have a verdict in your favor you have to show substantial facts.

    If you sue someone for 1 Million you should be automatically liable and for the same sum of money in case you lose. Unfortunately with the current system there is no penalty for being a douche, but you still won't get free money just because you sue someone.

    Go for it, and write an update it will be entertaining.
    Don't forget that he might counter sue you for being a miserable idiot.

    Instead of suing people try to produce something people value.
    There are already too many parasites, it's too bad that people like you constantly try to move money from one wallet to another without doing jack shit.
  9. I do work very hard.

    So you think people should just be able to curse in an email and get away with it? If that's the case, should I write him a nasty email?
  10. The guy called you "an asshole and stupid"... and you want to sue him for what? ...Telling the truth?
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