Lawsuit but stock still goes up ?

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by cashclay, Jun 9, 2021.

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    The market is not concerned because most of these lawsuits never proceed. They appear to be still looking for a lead plaintiff, which is normally the case.
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    But if a company has a possible lawsuit that could be brought to them how people buy into something like that? Esp breaking out to multi month highs
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    Clearly the market is not worried. Most folks trading WPG are just riding the momentum short term. This stock is a short squeeze and small(ish) float play. If you actually see a headline where there is actually a lead plaintiff, there might be a little concern. Most of the stocks being run lately have horrible fundamentals. These stocks are about trading not investing.
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    Lawsuits are part of every business.
    Does Walmart stock go down every day?

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    Since when does reality affect stock price?

    I may be spending too much time on GME, AMC, BB, CLOV....
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    I wonder how many of these are like Slip and Falls.
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