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  1. Anyone read Options As a Strategic Investment by L. Mcmillan?
    Is it good or bad?

    Cheers!! :)
  2. anyone?

  3. Good basic book, typical graph of diff strategies,etc. As you get more familiar with option rudiments, get other written by Cottle, and Natenburg
  4. nitro


    I am reading from cover to cover.

  5. Dojibear,

    Excellent treatise on the fundamentals of options and myriad options strategies. Much better, in my opinion, than his "McMillan on Options". The latest edition also has expanded coverage of volatility trading. But to get a much more comprehensive overview of volatility based strategies, as GATrader suggested, read Natenberg (Cottle's good too, though a bit muddled).


  6. Nicely thorough. The more familiar you are with the material the faster you will go through it. :cool:
  7. Thanks for all your replies.
    I should have added this in my first post : I took a 2 week end course on Derivatives, given by the Montreal Stock Exchange, therefore I have a basic understanding of the greeks, the spreads, ect...
    I just wonder if this book is too 'basic' for what I already know.


    Cheers!! :)
  8. i don't care much for the book, and feel mcmillian is way over rated as a trader and educator. i saw him at the 2002 NYC expo and was very disapointed in his presentation, etc. if you are looking for the BEST option book ever try this --coulda woulda shoulda by charles cottle--the guru behind best of all the book use to be free for the asking--not sure if he is still giving it out--- ask him !


  9. I agree completely. I think that there are any number of books out there that will walk through options in a generic way. The books that give you some creative ideas are the ones that are worth the effort. Certainly, Cottle fits the bill. I also would suggest some of Caplan's books were very good as well.
  10. absolutely, vulture. nicely said.


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