lawless US stock market

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  1. Bob111


    a perfect example what this market have became..
    it's even became useless for backtesting. how are you going to backtest this s**? wtf was at 1.8? was it open? another 'exemption" trade? crossed there is any 'rules' left?

    another trade at 1.8,above current NBBO. i see it all day every day.
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  2. Eyez


    Could have simply been a trade at 1.80 and best bid/ask repriced quickly ie. bid or offer backing up and as soon as a trade occurs tightening again.
  3. Bob111


    then that change would be in T&S. i was watching it at open. 1.75 at offer stayed from approximately 8:30 am. never been moved. it was a passive order,that was entered way before market open
  4. Under exchange designation I show NMS for that trade. Its one of those like THRD or whatever that is not gettable by a normal person. Its for our privileged overlords.
  5. Bob111


    here we go. exactly what i was thinking. like i said-it's so fragmented up to the point where it's impossible to do anything with it. it's not even tradable,you can't even backtest it anymore. how do you calculate probability of the fill? you can' much for fair, orderly and TRANSPARENT market. transparent my a**. good job SEC! no wonder volume is shrinking every single day. cause no one want's to trade this s**y market
  6. Many, many, moons ago when Satan's helper was still down with Jesus and pals, there was the NASDAQ market before the wide use of ECN's.

    Back in the early part of that day, if you sent in a market order to the NASDAQ when a stock was going up, they (market making rapists) would hold your order sometimes for 10 minutes without letting you cancel. Once the stock hit the top they would fill you. That would also go on when a stock was falling. If you sent in a market buy you got the top and a market sell got you out at the bottom.

    In the old days you had to buy stocks when they were falling and sell when they were spiking.

    That was unfair!

    Back to smoking some good shit!
  7. Bob111


    it's practically same s**t :p
  8. a5519


    I suppose SEC would be happy to investigate this case.
  9. sprstpd


    SEC has done nothing good for the retail investor for the last decade plus (ever since I've been trading). They always screw the little guy with their stupid ass rules and regulations. I'm sure glad part of my trading fees goes to keep this incompetent organization alive so that they can do more harm to me personally.
  10. Bob111


    there is nothing to current micro structure for every rule there is probably 10 exemptions. problem is that those trades are polluting and screwing everything. and they are all over the place.
    throw another example- because of those trades and current environment(lowest volume levels i ever seen across whole market)on stocks that 'not so liquid' i run a script, that filter the stocks,on which closing price was far away from last # of trades before close(and/or thru bid\ask). just like in my example with open-same exact thing on close. bid 1.73,ask-1.75,last few trades-1.75,bam! close 1.8. each day i count 30-50 stocks like this.
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