Lawful Killing

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  1. I was reading the Torah/Leviticus under the law, man can kill anyone that commits adultery against his wife and that wife, but man-made laws will tell you that it is wrong and you might go for prison for it. The question is for the ones that believe in God, would you rather praise God or live by the laws that man has made? Most of you are afraid of physical death, hence you are crying wolf all the time, the believer should utter," transgress against my house and I will praise God to the fullest... "
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    It is proper to quote the passage you are referring to, and the Bible version. I am assuming you are referring to Chapter 18?
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    Good question; but like dave ramsey radio says= more than 2 choices...……………………………….
    And best not to get drunk/block a Wendy's drive thru + steal a cop's taser/try to tase a cop=death wish/stupid.:caution::caution::caution::caution::caution::caution::caution:
    Depends on stat;e TX allows executing some one for stealing PROPERTY,,,,,,,,,,,,