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  1. Has anyone got any views on them, good or bad?
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    I believe it is purely an institutional shop and you have to arrange prime brokerage relationship for entry. They don't have nearly as many prime broker possiblities or liquidity providers as some of the other platforms in this space (HotspotFXi, EBS Prime)
  3. Top shelf product, but not for retail.
  4. Thanks for your input. Was aware of the requirements and one of my current price providers is Hotspot FXi. Want another and it is a toss up between Currenex and Lava but know very little about the latter. Obtaining a prime broker is not an issue or a problem.
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    I see you use Hotspot. Everyone is loving them these days. I do not know anyone that is using Lava (yet). I do know everyone is looking at them all of a sudden.

    Currenex is tip/top. Probably the best IMO. You can do the demo with them. Out of curiosity, are you trading as an individual or ,corporation/fund??

    From what I have seen Currenex has more liquidity providers than Lava. But these things can quickly change.

    When you decide who you are going with. Drop a note.
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    Hi , please what is the min deal with this guys.

    (i heard that is 10 m)

  8. Cheers for all the replies.

    I deal in the name of a company but in effect it is my own money.

    The minimum is nowhere near 10m. I will not use it for less than 1m though
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    Dont need subscription to read this article :)

    P.S Celent report is quiet pricey but hey there is plenty of information around.

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