Laura Bush said George has kept us safe.

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  1. Laura Bush said George has kept America safe.
    I guess Laura Bush forgot about 9-11, he didn't keep us too safe that day.
  2. You're dense.
  3. You are all still alive, aren't you? Safe and sound...
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    U.S. Casualties in Iraq

    Dead - 4,097
    Wounded - 30,182

    Tell them and their families about "safe and sound." :mad:
  5. Didn't the dittoheads tell you? They all volunteered to be killed or wounded.

  6. If that is your only score card. You win.
  7. Some perspective...
    Battle of Okinawa

    The Battle of Okinawa, fought on the island of Okinawa in the Ryukyu Islands (south of the four big islands of Japan) was the largest amphibious assault during the Pacific campaign of World War II. It was the largest sea-land-air battle in history, running from April through June, 1945.

    No one on either side expected it to be the last major battle of the war, which it was. The Americans were planning Operation Downfall, the invasion of the main islands, which never happened due to the controversial decision to use the atomic bomb.

    At some battles such as Iwo Jima, there had been no civilians, but Okinawa had a large indigenous civilian population, and the civilian loss in the Typhoon of Steel was at least 130,000. American losses were were over 72,000 casualties, of whom 12,000 were killed or missing, over twice Iwo Jima and Guadalcanal combined.
    The battle took place over about 82 days.
  8. What exactly is the perspective?

    We should be happy with the Iraq war because it was not as bad in terms of death at other wars?

    Try this for perspective:

    Hit your head with a hammer repeatedly today.

    Then tomorrow hit your head with the same hammer half the number of times.

    The next day, half again until you eventually hit yourself only 1 time a day.

    Then you might get some perspective that matters...

    You are still a moron hitting yourself in the head.

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    So you're comparing a necessary war to a completely unnecessary war.

    Yeah, that's about par for the course in this forum.
  10. Fact is ignorant douchebags, formidable U.S. enemies Gaddafi, Ahmadinejad and Kim Jong-il have literally laid down their arms rather that wind up in Saddam's rat hole.

    The infamous Axis of Evil threatened for extinction by Bush is three and out.
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