Latino Gangs Ethnically Cleansing Blacks

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  1. Illegal Aliens Driving Blacks Out of Southern California

    By William L. Houston
    I can't wait to read the next issue of the SPLC's Intelligence Report to learn more about what is happening to black people in Southern California at the hands of illegal alien gangbangers.

    The SPLC fights what they call "hate groups" like FAIR and the Family Research Council and should be on top of this "hate" + "racism" + "ethnic cleansing" story. I suspect they will have every angle of it covered.

    The Obama administration is claiming the Varrio Azusa 13 gang has been waging a systematic campaign to turn Azusa, California into the Hispanic version of a "sundown town."

    Surely this can't be happening. We have been constantly told by the Democratic Party how much we need the "DREAM Act" and "comprehensive immigration reform" to prevent these criminals from being deported back to their home countries.

    Varrio Azusa 13 is going to produce America's next "sputnik moment" and help us "win the future," right? As Sarah Palin would say, WTF?
  2. Every group of immigrants endured prejudice coming to America, they all worked through it. The Irish, Itlian, Chinese, Polacks, etc.

    Maybe we all just waited for the next group to get picked on, take the heat off us. The African American community missed a recent opportunity when everyone hated the towel heads. If the blacks started picked on the rabs, the prejudice would have shifted off them and onto someone else, but no, they missed a good op.

    Now the African Americans have a new and growing group of people picking on them. Oh well.
  3. walter4 will love this story!
  4. Well this story is actually about Latinos (the "new" group) picking on other groups. Not about established groups picking on the new arrivals, so that theory doesn't really match up with the actual pattern.
  5. When blacks are terrorizing the citizens, the press don't use "blacks" or "hate crimes", such as in this story. But when blacks are the "victims", the press is not afraid to use "Latinos" or "hate crimes". [​IMG]
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    Just remember. Keep repeating "Diversity is our greatest strength" often enough and eventually it will be true.

    Or not.
  7. The Muslims & blacks are currently the problem. They probably formed an alliance when Ahmadinejad met with Farrakhan & Sharpton when the Iranian president was here. [​IMG]
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    The melting pot idea worked. Those immigrating were asked and persuaded to fit in to the receiving culture as the better culture slowly changed overall.

    Diversity is designed to destroy the superior (why else would the immigrant be arriving) culture but making lots of mini insulated contentious competing cultures.
  9. Escape tyranny, find opportunity, a better life, etc etc.

    The space shuttle is created from the best the world has to offer.

    You have some twisted thinking, jem. [​IMG]
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