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    mass producing a vaccine is big money. Only other corona viruses we've dealt with were MERS, SARS, and some cold rhino viruses. The 1st two never spread to the point were developing a vaccine made financial sense, the latter were never a big issue.
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  3. Good points. Things just seem to be progressing a wee bit too fast for me not to raise an eyebrow. We all know this is complicated and it's an emergency situation. I'm afraid that desperation leads us to a, well boys it ain't perfect but it'll have to do vaccine. Not saying that's the worst thing, but I do believe come November/December some tough decisions are going to be right in out face. This bug isn't going away. Unless there is some miracle vaccine we decide, keep things open and watch several hundred thousand die, or we lock it up and destroy ourselves. Hell, might be both. And this assumes everyone is trying to work together without all the political gamesmanship. Throw that in the mix and things get worse. The future of life as we know it is pinned on this vaccine.
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    Detailed analysis of immune response to SARS-CoV-2 bodes well for COVID-19 vaccine
    Study finds robust antiviral T cell response in humans with COVID-19 and detects substantial crossreactivity in unexposed individuals; in a piece of good news provides a benchmark for testing of vaccine candidates
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  5. Yes.

    To keep things simple we speak of antibodies fighting off a viral infection, but T cells are also one of the big players. Along with other types of "killer cells." e.g. NK cells, lymphocytes etc. It is helpful to identify and capture the antibodies that are generated as part of recovering from corona, but it is also important to identify how rapid recovering patients fought off the virus before those antibodies were generated. What was the body recruiting to do that? People who are recovering in just a couple weeks or not becoming ill are not fighting it off with corona specific antibodies. It takes several weeks for those to develop or for a flu shot or any vaccine.

    The article above goes down that road a bit. Has implications for both treatment and a vaccine.

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    A new Reuters/Ipsos poll showed that a quarter of Americans have “little to no interest” in taking a coronavirus vaccine and are skeptical that the safety of the vaccine could be compromised based on the rate of which vaccines are being developed amid the outbreak.

    Of those surveyed, 36 percent also said they would be “less willing” to take a coronavirus vaccine that President Trump “said was safe,” compared to the 14 percent who said they would be “more interested” based on the president’s advice.

    The poll, which surveyed 4,428 adults between May 13 and May 19, pointed to a consistent lack of trust between pollsters and the president.

    Most of the survey’s pollsters said they would be “heavily influenced by guidance from the Food and Drug Administration [FDA].”

    According to Reuters, at least 70 percent of Americans would need to reach immunity, either from vaccination or by previously having the virus, in order for the country to reach “herd immunity.”

    Health experts agree that a vaccine needs to be developed in order for Americans to return to normal life. Trump has pledged to have a vaccine developed by the end of the year.

    Experts also pointed to misinformation on social media as the reason why the public remains skeptical of a vaccination.

    “It’s not surprising a significant percentage of Americans are not going to take the vaccine because of the terrible messaging we’ve had, the absence of a communication plan around the vaccine and this very aggressive anti-vaccine movement,” said Peter Hotez, dean of the National School of Tropical Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine.

    The majority of the polls' responders said they agree that “vaccines for diseases such as measles are safe for both adults and children.”

    Experts believe the pollsters who are on the fence about whether or not they would take a vaccine could probably be persuaded.
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    Oxford University Vaccine Trials Run Into Hurdle
    • Falling rate of infection means success rate may drop to 50%
    • It’s ambitious to expect vaccine in September, professor says
    The Oxford University team in charge of developing a coronavirus vaccine said a decline in the infection rate will make it increasingly difficult to prove whether it’s been successful, the Telegraph reported.

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    Harvard scientists are developing a coronavirus vaccine specifically for those most vulnerable: the elderly
    • Various factors affect the effectiveness of a vaccine, including the age and sex of the person receiving it.
    • Researchers at Boston Children's Hospital are working to develop an age-specific coronavirus vaccine to protect those most vulnerable: the elderly.
    • They're testing different coronavirus vaccine formulations on human tissue outside of the body, which contains cells from people of different ages.
    More than 100 teams around the world are racing to develop a coronavirus vaccine. Dr. Ofer Levy and a group of Harvard Medical School researchers are among them, but the vaccine they're working on is a little different. It's specifically designed for those most vulnerable to the disease: the elderly.

    "Most vaccines are developed with a one-size-fits-all concept," Levy told Business Insider. "Academic centers and companies typically develop a vaccine assuming that you will respond to the vaccine the same way, whether you're a man or a woman, whether you're young or elderly, whether you live in the US or Africa, whether you give the vaccine in the summer or winter, whether you give it in the morning or the evening."

    But various factors can impact how much protection a vaccine confers, including age. Take the flu, for example, which is more deadly for older people with weaker immune systems.

    "Many elderly individuals, unfortunately, do not respond optimally to influenza vaccine," Levy said. "They should take it — it's safe and it has some effectiveness. But we wish it was more effective, because up to 30%, 40% of elderly individuals may be non-responders to the flu vaccine and that's because the immune system of the elderly weakens."

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    Mr. Doomer... I have told you the reasons this virus is not what you claim it to be.

    Could explain why the virus is disappearing?

    “It’s a race against the virus disappearing, and against time,” Professor Adrian Hill, director of the university’s Jenner Institute, told the newspaper. “We said earlier in the year that there was an 80% chance of developing an effective vaccine by September. But at the moment, there’s a 50% chance that we get no result at all.”

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    It is due to the 60 day lockdown in the U.K. and the phased re-opening. This public health policy is having the desired effect of making the number COVID-19 cases drastically reduced.

    This happy result is due to applying good public health policy --- not due to any other of your imagined reasons.

    Certainly they can go test the vaccination in Brazil which lets everyone run wild with no shutdown --- just as you continually push. Plenty of cases in Brazil and the number is increasing every day.
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