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    Sanofi make hydroxychloroquine.. More nonsense.

    An interesting and very important thing from the UK and something already dead Swedes can't benefit from.

    Coronavirus: A third of hospital patients develop dangerous blood clots

    By Richard GalpinBBC News

    Hopefully blood thinners might make a difference.
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  2. Cuddles


    you got it? Which test did you take? How's recovery going?

    been adding 82mg aspirin to my daily regimen since these reports started coming out
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  3. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    Yeah, I won't be taking any vaccine that is rushed.
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    Tony Stark

    Had it,in March.My doctor couldnt get me a test when I had it but I got an antibody test later from Labcorp that showed I had it.My doctor knew I had it at the time from my symptoms but with my age and non critical symptoms he couldn't get me a test at the time unless I was hospitalized.

    Im over it now.It was like having the flu but much longer than a regular flu.I'm usually over the flu in 3-5 days but this lasted 2 weeks and I lost my sense of taste and smell and I still haven't gotten it fully back.I quarantined myself in a hotel for a month to not spread it to anyone else.Other than not fully getting my taste and smell back I'm fine now.Been out in public with no mask and haven't gotten it again.
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    Scientists warn Oxford vaccine may only give ‘partial protection’ as Northern Ireland eases lockdown

    The global search for treatments and vaccines to bring the coronavirus pandemic to an end is an ongoing challenge, as the outbreak has now infected 4.8 million people worldwide, with over 319,000 deaths.

    In the UK, 27,432 people have died from Covid-19. The Government is forging ahead with its gradual easing of lockdown measures.

    Oxford vaccine may only offer ‘partial protection’ after results of monkey trial
    Scientists have warned that the much-anticipated coronavirus vaccine being developed by researchers at the University of Oxford may only offer “partial protection” following “concerning” results of trials in macaque monkeys.

    The full results of the vaccine trials on mice and rhesus macaques at the US National Institute of Health’s Rocky Mountain Laboratory were made public last week in a non-peer-reviewed preprint.

    Researchers found a single dose of the vaccine prevented all six monkeys that received it from developing pneumonia, but did not prevent the coronavirus infection.

    Some scientists, who were not involvedthe study, raised concerns that if the results were replicated in humans, those vaccinated would still be able to spread Covid-19.

    Prof Jonathan Ball of the University of Nottingham said: “If this represents infectious virus and a similar thing occurs in humans, then vaccinated people can still be infected, shed large amounts of virus which could potentially spread to others in the community.

    “If the most vulnerable people aren’t protected by the vaccine to the same degree, then this will put them at risk. Therefore, vaccine efficacy in vulnerable populations and the potential for virus shedding in vaccinated people needs very careful monitoring.”
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  6. Yeh, what is missing in article is information about whether the monkeys failed to develop coronavirus specific antibodies in the first place so became re-infected or whether they had antibodies shortly after the vaccinations but they lessoned over time or remained high but were still not sufficient.

    In contrast Moderna reported the antibodies created by dosage and in humans- and at the highest dosage they studied, it (allegedly) produced 30% higher antibodies than the typical level produced by the average person who has actually had covid. You gotta believe that is good if true. Those "facts" were directly alleged by Moderna's ceo though. So if they are just pumping stock prices or something I don't know. Just saying they are saying the right things and covering points that I need to see.

    Also, and this is a simple but important point: ie. Lots of highly effective vaccines require multiple shots or booster shots because one shot does not do the trick. So the fact that one shot at a certain dosage is not effective is not necessarily a show stopper if your results fall short of your goal. Of course, if you got no good results at any level, then that is not a good sign.

    That Oxford vaccine mentioned above looks like it might not be effective against covid but the fact that it prevented pneumonia in the monkeys is not to be overlooked or scoffed at. Most people in nursing homes die of pneumonia. The pneumonia flares up as their primary cause of morbidity weakens their immune system and then the pneumonia takes them out. Most cures or treatments in medicine are discovered when you are looking for a cure for something else.
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  8. So here's something to think about. There has never been a vaccine for any coronavirus, not one, ever. Covid 19 comes along, supposedly more infectious, more deadly, more complicated, more of everything and a couple months in we already have very promising results working towards a vaccine. My bullshit meter is off the chart. Now either these people have never put much effort into previous vaccine research, or this one ain't all that complicated. Yeah they're working hard at it, all hands on deck, but com'on, never ever been able to concoct one and now we're on the cusp of one in a matter of weeks? There is another possibility, these phase one trials are easy peasy to get through and then failures result as they get further along. Just food for thought as I don't believe in all too convenient miracles.
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  9. An old fashioned medieval pandemic does tend to generate a lot of attention and a sense of urgency.
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  10. Dr. Love

    Dr. Love

    You are correct. But as with the seasonal flu, antibodies for this virus will not survive from season to season.

    But we don't know yet.
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