Latest TWS standalone , FARKED?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by stock777, Feb 4, 2009.

  1. I rarely have problems with new builds, but the latest 891 series has some serious windows focus issues (cant move the main window with the mouse) .

    This problem goes away when reverting back to the 890 series build.

    Has anyone run into this?
  2. After testing, determined that its something in the xml for that login ID, and only on the NEW 891.5 build.

    No problem with other logins on the same install. Tested on another machine , same issue crops up with a copy of the problematic xml.

    PREVIOUS versions of TWS are fine. Turkey at IB says I should delete everything and start from scratch.

    Is it my fault that the latest build reads some setting that was fine for years and pukes on it?

    If I have to rebuild I will but they really should be able to track the problem.
  3. turkeys
  4. use something like winDiff to open the working xml file and the "corrupt" xml file and see what the differences are. Create a backup, then change some of the settings in the "corrupt" xml file to see if it will work.
  5. dude, there's nothing corrupt. its the new build
  6. I'm using 891.5 for a week or two. No difficulties so far. XP Pro. Java 1.6.

  7. T otally

    W orthless

    S oftware

    .....using "snapshot" data.... :eek:
  8. AMT4SWA =



    .... misspelling intended; looks like dunce :)
  9. tommcginnis


    I agree. And got the same "corrupt file, rebuild your jts subdir" advice.

    Frankly, it was about time for me to update my navigational knowledge of the platform, and since I'd taken snapshots of my primary trading screens, I'm ok with that, but BOY I am sure glad I didn't have a major overnight trade on, or I would've been $hitted in the morning.

    Oh, and updated XP, JAVA, Trend PCillin, and no issues to date that weren't cleaned in the succeeding TWS version. This one required me to go back back back. Yuck.