Latest software options for Mac + Win XP?

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  1. Went to the store yesterday to buy a new HP laptop, and then saw a Macbook Pro running a 30 inch monitor. What a machine! Powerful as hell, and looks good to boot!

    Anyway, now thinking of running a Mac + Win XP, and I understand there are now several options for booting Windows, or running both side by side.


    1) Other than Bootcamp, any other options for booting directly to Win XP?

    2) Options for running both OS's other than Parallels? I have not kept up with this stuff, and want to get the easiest combo.

    3) I have not used a Mac for 20 years. Are there issues when installing XP on a Mac, such as partitioning, etc?

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    VMware makes a competing product for Parallels. They are the leaders in virtualization, but are fairly new to the Mac OS side of things. Currently Parallels is the leader for Mac OS right now.

    If you are using BootCamp, the installation of Windows XP runs quite well. Apple develops their own drivers for the MacBook, so everything should work out of the box. Think of Apple as another OEM like Dell or HP, but without the crapware of a new computer.

    For the best performance, install BootCamp, for convenience, install Parallels (no reboot necessary).
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    In Feb. of this year I purchased a 24 inch Imac. I am very happy with my decision to move to mac. I am running parallels with windows XP. The installation for parallels and windows Xp on the mac is pretty easy and this comes from someone who is not a computer expert... I run tradestation which is now seamless and fast.
  4. that is exactly what I was hoping to hear (its easy).

    Guess I'll start with bootcamp and XP Pro. May add parallels later if I run Mac OS much.

    Now, do I want to spend this much money? Gonna cost 3 to 4x what I was gonna spend! Want vs need.
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    Given that business/finance software is almost non-existent on OS X, this is likely a want more than a need. :p I purchased three MacBooks, but only because my family loves the OS X operating system. When it comes to trading, I dont use my MacBook, I use a Windows desktop that sits under the desk. It doesnt need to be pretty. But I think you will enjoy your MacBook if you do choose to splurge and spend time in the Mac OS. Real high quality hardware also.
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    I run a Macbook Pro with Parallels and WinXP and I'm impressed by Parallels. I can't tell any lag or speed problems and Parallels makes it so easy to share files and functionality between the two OS's. The installation was a no-brainer as well. It handled all the partitioning on its own.
  7. yes, I know there is hardly any trading stuff written for macs. its why I've been a PC guy for 20+ years.

    I just WANT a Mac. Don't need one. Its more of a toy I suppose, but will hook it up to a 30 incher and work with it. Still have to use my current trading array as I follow a lot of stuff.

    Haven't positively made the decision yet, but sounds like a no brainer other than the cash involved.
  8. Thinkorswim platform works fine on a MAC and so does the IBKR platform. Even Etrade and Ameritrade work on a mac
  9. TA software for Macs lags in a serious way. Just not a big enough market I guess.
  10. I bought a 15" MacBook Pro recently for a back-up system in case my WinXP PC went down. Absolutely love it. When my PC dies I am getting a 24" iMac. I use IB so I just run their Mac version and it works fine. I do not have XP on my laptop at all and I can hook it up to my 24" monitor if I want more screen real estate.
    The 30" Apple monitor is tops. Someday . . .
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