Latest poll Obama 52-41 McCain 10/30/08 6:30 pm

Discussion in 'Politics' started by oktiri, Oct 30, 2008.

  1. The national average of the polls combined is Obama 49.9 to McCain 43.7.

    Thanks for the poll in the biggest favor of Obama, real informative Oktiri. Shows how moderate you are.
  2. I was the first to admit it did tighten the last couple of days, and eventually it will be played within 2 points...but a poll is a poll.
  3. CBS/New York Times poll..go figure
  4. Oktiri your the reason why i think there should be a politics forum and a polishit forum.
  5. And, as you have shown with your ridiculous posts; a moron is a moron.
  6. I have the impression this poll is causing a tingle up your ass
  7. Shouldn't you be hanging out in the teenagers with Acne forum ?
  8. You inability for any seriousness shows your inability to judge serious issues with any degree of accuracy.
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