Latest Poll : CBS News Obama 54-41 McCain

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  1. Zogby says McCain is up by 1 and CBS says Obama is up by gezz i need a calculater. This could be the most inaccurate polling ever although i do think the average is on Obama's side somewhere between 3-5%.
  2. ALL polls have widened today, ALL of them.
    Gallup / Rasmussen / IBD-TIPP/ WP-ABC

    Except for Zogby who's unreliable. he predicted a Kerry win in 2004 and A Barack obama win in California primaries earlier this year.
  3. Yes but not to 13 points. Anyways i don't know why i am commenting knowing how dependable you are to deliever the worst news about John McCain. I should just let you be on your happy journey of political bias.
  4. If you think he's cherry picking Neo, just check yourself.
  5. In no way do I believe this poll is 100 % accurate of how people will vote, a poll is just a poll, take it with a grain of salt.
    O is prob up by 5 or 6.
    He'll prob win by 3 or 4. not more.
  6. Oktiri maybe i would not have responded with such accusations of you being so bias if you weren't. I agree that 99% of the polls are in favor of Obama and i actually think Obama will most likely win. It's just that your always bias so i have to asume that your thinking worst case scenarios for conservative constantly.
  7. Nope,
    It just happens that the last two days were horrible for McCain, if things start to tighten again, I'll post polls accordingly.
    If you want bias, check Drudge's site
  8. Oktiri, everybody knows your bias except apparently you which is kinda of scary.
  9. Yes. I',m biased and you're a teenager, with acne.
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