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    widest gap so far and looks like it is expanding

  2. Nothing unusual

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  4. A 45 % approval rating isnt bad imo, especially when compared to the approval ratings of the democratic and republican congress
  5. GW's highest was 90%
    GHW's highest was 89%
    Carter's highest was 75%
    Clinton's highest was 73%
    Obama's highest was 69%
    Reagan's highest was 68%

    Nothing unusual is right. Or as you say, "unsual".
  6. So one compares the highest point in a series to gauge its general trend?
  7. Did you see the word "trend" in my post?
  9. from the chart for Reagan/Carter the highest point happens during the first month in the office. this makes sense since people are deluded into thinking that the new president will make a difference. two years later the crowd realizes that the president can make very little difference in their lives so by that point they hate the guy.

    in general approval/disapproval should be normalized by the quality of life of the voters at the time.
  10. My original reply to the thread starter was about the general trend of poll numbers, why would you quote my post otherwise with irrelevant numbers?
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