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  1. One wonders if he can't even get something as simple as the damned date right if he gets anything else right. And he fails the Deco credibility test: if your grammar clearly sucks, all of your ideas probably suck.
  2. After many temptations to put you on ignore, this thread finally provoked me. Bye bye!
  3. About as dumb as reading the crap Hussman writes.
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    The guy was the head of the Economics Department at Princeton!!

    He's been in jail, no not just jail, SOLITARY, for years without being convicted of much at all... your grammar would probably suck a little and you might not know what day it was too...
  5. Nitpick: he was only just put in solitary. It's not like he was there the whole time.
    I am not going to offer any opinion on whether he should be there or not, or whether he should be in jail or not. I have no idea. Merely pointing out a point of fact.
  6. Also, I tried reading it. A mishmash of wild-eyed far-right wackiness, of which I get more than my fill right here, with some semi-decent ideas. In other words, a typical ET Economics poster.
    There must be a factory someplace churning 'em out like sausages.
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  8. Hussman is idea what you are reading.