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  2. my result so far this year is over +40%.
    real money, diversified, fully automated.

    so many great trends on EURUSD, CL, gold,silver, russell, sp500...

    how the heck they're trading to be down this year?

    long gold @ 1900 exit @ 1600?

    nah, i guess about 10% loss is coming from markups generated on huge volume :D
    thank you sophisticated "investors"
  3. Yeah, but how much money are you moving around?
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    Are you trading credit markets? No? OK then.
  5. Good one...
  6. John Paulson is now suffering through some worst losses of his career . Will investor withdrawal's cause a fire sale?

    John Paulson Top HoldingsTicker Shares Value ($1000)
    GLD 31,500,000 4,599,030
    AU 39,935,382 1,680,880
    C 33,505,002 1,395,150
    APC 16,712,188 1,282,830
    RIG 18,810,000 1,214,370
    COF 21,100,000 1,090,240
    HIG 40,518,454 1,068,470
    WFC 33,600,000 942,816
    HPQ 23,500,000 855,400
    STI 32,134,301 829,065
  7. How do you know these are the true holdings?

  8. That's your call

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    FWIW, I know several private investors who have made 40%+ on their money (minimum assets of £250k).
  10. Moving upto 10 million is ok. Tell me someone who moves more than that and talks about >50%.
    #10     Sep 29, 2011