Latest Gallup Poll Shows Big Jump for Obama after Infomercial

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  1. The political landscape could be improving for Barack Obama in the waning days of the campaign. Gallup Poll Daily tracking from Oct. 28-30 shows him with an eight percentage point lead over John McCain among traditional likely voters -- 51% to 43% -- his largest margin to date using this historical Gallup Poll voter model.

    Since Tuesday, McCain's support among traditional likely voters has dropped by four points (from 47% to 43%), Obama's has risen by two points (from 49% to 51%), and the percentage of undecided voters has increased from 4% to 6%.

    Thursday night's interviews are the first conducted entirely after Obama's widely viewed 30-minute prime-time campaign ad, which ran on several television networks Wednesday evening. Obama held a substantial lead over McCain in last night's polling, however no greater than what Gallup found on Wednesday.

    Obama's current 11-point lead over McCain among all registered voters -- 52% to 41% -- is up from an eight-point lead in yesterday's report, and ties his highest advantage on this basis, last recorded 10 days ago.

  2. Great news.I think Obama should have aired it Monday night before the election though
  3. And FOX news said it was a terrible infomercial........ Aahhh Haaaa haaaahaaa hee hee hee hee :D :D :D :)
  4. hughb


    I'm one of those early voters, I already cast my ballot for Obama. Either candidate will do just fine as president, I'm not concerned one way or the other.

    I can not understand why McCain is not fighting back though. I should probably phrase that in the past tense as it is very unlikely he can make a comeback now. Most of what America is seeing on the television is Obama ads, and that 30 minute spot was the crown jewel, it worked as planned. McCain doesn't have the money for a 30 minute prime time spot, but he had plenty to start an attack campaign. He could have, and frankly should have, plastered the airwaves with Jerimiah Wright's "GODDAM AMERICA" sermon. I think it would have worked. Combine that with Palin's "he doesn't see America the way we do", and throw in a "he's not one of us" a few times and he could have pulled this off. negative campaigning works, that's why candidates do it. Don't know why McCain didn't do it.
  5. Democrats tend to have poor voter turnout, especially minorities and young people. The polls include 'potential voters'. How many of them actually turn up to the polls is unkown.
  6. McCains main problems were not created by Obama..... they were created by McCain. Stuff like... pulling stunts like the one where he announced possibly cancelling the debate, in order to hurry to the Senate to deal with financial crissis..... that came across as eratic... unstable... or announcing that Palin was the best pick available, when clearly she wasn't... it questioned his judgement.... or sucking Joe the plumbers c*ck ..... rally after rally...... it showed that if it wasn't for Joe the plumber.... what would have been McCain's rallying point???? HE DIDNT HAVE ONE.... he got lucky and had Joe plumber issue fall upon him. It came across as McCain not having a well planned out stategy for a focus point.......

    Then you take into account all the baggage Palin brought on .... public can only take so much...... I mean, Palin getting a "blessing" from a "witch Hunter" .... most normal Americans can not identify with that...... I could go on and on but.... theres no need.... the die has been cast......
  7. Obamas lead with registered voters is actually bigger

  8. I don't think so. Such blatantly offensive comments could only appeal to the bigot base. And while there are certainly plenty of such people to go around in the Republican party, they appear to be getting more and more outnumbered in the main by thinking and more civilized people. There is still a long way to go, but the trend is at least headed in the right direction. Refreshing, isn't it?
  9. mccain tried the bill ayers thing and the bitter gate thing and he only went down in the polls.Rev Wright would not have helped him either as mccain gave interviews defending Obama against Wright and himself said he does not believe Obama shares Wrights views.It would have just made Mccain look more desperate and erratic then he already looks

    Hilary really toughened Obama up for the general election.nobody cares about wright,ayers or bitter gate
  10. The ONLY reason why McCain fell behind is because the stock market fell off a cliff in Spetember/October.

    The McCain campaign has always been a well oiled machine. This black swan came along and messedit all up.
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