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  1. This may not be in the right forum but i guess this does have economic impact.

    Take it for what you will as anyone can write something on the internet these days. I guess time will tell.
  2. bullsh*t
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    I wouldn't be surprised if the truth is somewhere in the middle...
    Like everything else.
  4. I mean say this is true. It is to crazy to believe that people would actually conspire to do this so it has an instant nullification factor.
    Just like how they say 911 was an inside job. Say it was, the majority of the population doesn't want to believe it is true because it would f their entire world view and existence up. We are too busy with everyday life to ponder such "craziness." Which caters to the conspirators.

    I sure hope they don't try this because i'd really like to move to San Diego after x-mas and get out of this ghost town we call Michigan.
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    I myself conspire to do some shit. But do I do it? No.
    Morality and means issues crop up to smash that egg before it hatches.

    But what if you had the means and morality is just another means to the end?

    People are nuts. A group of people together are nuttier. The markets are out of whack (as close as you can get to a crystal ball). The world is out of balance and usually rights herself sooner or later.

    Do the math.
  6. Which exact link are you referring to? I saw a page full of links.
  7. two words : Trig Palin
  8. The Tri-Lateral Commission has been working to reduce the power of the US and bring up Europe and Japan economically to where the three are equal. I'd say it's working, we are seemingly going to elect a Marxist to the Presidency and we have overspent for decades. I'd say they are getting their way in everything, the border is open, they want us to have the same morality as Europe so no matter how many times you vote down Gay marriage it just keeps coming back because of the money that is behind it........ that conspiracy is not a big secret. Whatever that guy with the linked website thinks just looks like bullshit from a terrified and overreacting, disordered in who knows how many ways, personality...
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    The web site is a worthless piece of trash; good reading for the paranoid and the unstable mind.
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