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Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by H2O, Apr 26, 2003.

  1. H2O



    I did a search on Pointdirex but the latest comments are dated almost a year agoo.
    Anybody using them now ? Comments ?

    I'm interested in the Platinum Software in combination with QCharts or Neovest
    This White Pacific Securities, is this a solid firm, both in financial positions and in short-sale list ?
    Who takes care about the bullets ?

  2. tpk


    i have an acct. with them. i researched about 3 mos. before changing to them. i had been with another b/d for about 3 yrs. i like their charts, they are easy to use. as for white pacific and ccls do a nasd search and check them out. the bullets are on the order entry and are instant. short sale avalible are 10,000 on the ones i trade.
  3. H2O


    Who are you using for your charts ?

    I see I can choose QCharts or Neovest. Pricing, reliabillity ?

  4. tpk


    platinum has it's own charting. it does not have a huge amount of indicators. it's 39.99 per month. it seems as reliable as the last program i used. i do wish it had the tick & the trin.
  5. anyone trade listed with them???

    how good are they at getting you fills you deserved when the prick backs away??
  6. I've noticed that all of tpk's posts are basically cheerleading the Direx software, and was wondering if this person is a customer or employee...
  7. tpk


    i'm just a poor retail trader. somebody asked a question and i tried to help them. and i did spend a good deal of time testing
    hammer, choicetrade, & great easterns programs. i don't care who you use
  8. Catoosa


    Are there execution reports and daily account statements in TEXT format, HTML format, or the users choice?
  9. tpk


    i am not much of a hacker. i just export them into excel.
  10. bmwstox


    Point Direx has onsite offices I beleive.
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