Latest Broker Ratings...Is A Joke

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  1. This has to be the biggest fraud on this website. Do you really think you are going to get a fair and balanced comments when these sponsors are paying large fees to run add here.

    Once I saw the negative comments about Interactive Brokers I knew it would only be a day before an equal number if not greater number would soon post glowing reviews.
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    No kidding. I posted about that same thing in the Feedback section. There should be a limit of 2 posts per user and maybe a minimum number of total posts on the board (to stop new aliases sign up just to give good or bad reviews).
  3. I've always been really surprised that ET doesn't actively moderate that part of their site. They should do something to clean it up so people could actually take it seriously.
  4. How can you not expect people to respond when reviews full of nonsense about IB are posted?

    "They steal pennies" and "The Slippage Factor" reviews are full of nonsense. IB has never stolen any pennies or dollars from my account. I trade the ES using TWS and have no slippage problems.

    Nonsense reviews about IB deflect from real IB problems: TWS is bloated, TWS updates are buggy and IB futures commissions are much too high.

    It would be much better to have honest reviews from knowledgeable traders that address the real issues, plus and minus, of IB as a broker rather than plain nonsense from those that don't know what they are doing.
  5. Agreed. Too many shills cluttering the good reviews:mad:
  6. this is no different than anywhere else.

    Every review site that does not thoroughly vet its reviewers is suspicious

    I wrote about one vendor (Online Trading Academy) that has hundreds of happy positive reviews on YouTube. Anyone familiar with their offerings know that they are essentially useless. I am suspecting that over 95% of them are either from their employees or shills.

    In case anyone from OTA reads this and whines, then the response is "show your broker statements to back up the claims made by your "salesmen." One was talking about his 10-15% monthly gains, but of course, offered zero proof...
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    maybe IB would be better if you were making money???

    I have never had a problem with them.
  8. This is ELITE should already HAVE a broker and be trading through them! (and not on the demo, Increasenow) :D
  9. I thought the "slippage" post regarding IB was garbage.

    I don't see it (slippage) as the poster states.

    Must be slippage on the demo account.

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    This rant (excuse me thread) belongs in the feedback section

    As to the shills and all those ET members who get paid to post positive stuff about IB (that is almost as big a laugh/conspiracy theory as the birtherers), you need I believe 50 posts before you can leave a review. Perhaps Baron can raise that number to 100 or 200 to discourage any shills or bashers. (I maintain that it is other brokers pay people to post shit/out-there stuff about IB here on ET. I seen 'em!)

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