Latency to IB gateway servers

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  1. Has anyone else noticed a substantial increase in latency to, and related servers? I've just noticed ping times almost triple what they used to be. I haven't noticed any issue with my service provider as other sites are not degraded so I'm wondering if it is something on IB's side that has slowed it down. :confused: :confused:

    edit: as a side note, ping times to are now more than twice as fast as Something is definitely changed with the network performance as the gateway server used to be at least as fast as the website!
  2. I'm near Philadelphia with DSL and I get ping time of 39 ms to the IB website and 51 ms to the gateway.

    Run tracert to see where the lag occurs.
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    I get 22 and 21 respectfully from Hoboken, NJ. But maybe that's because mrkt just closed a minute ago. I haven't really noticed any change for the last few days - maybe it is your ISP?

    edit: I get 8 ms for - almost 3x faster.
  4. It very well could be. It is just strange that I get such a difference between the website and the gateway server. The website ping times are way faster for me than the gateway. It could be something in between me and the gateway but not the website. Strange but I'm running some traceroutes also to see if I can see any anomalies that could account for this.
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    Damn. Thats quick. im in the houston region and only get
    63 to 71 ms using Windstream DSL. No problem today.
  6. Those times are very good. That is about what I get from my Amazon EC2 server (maybe even a tad faster!).
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    The web site gateway seems to route via a NY router near the endpoint. The trading gateway seems to use a chicago router near the endpoint. I'm near Washington DC so I go via Dulles (IAD) and split to the NY or Chicago router from there.

    One NY router is: [pretty sure n54 = NY, ny = NY]
    A Chicago router is: [pretty sure cgc = Chicago, il = Illinois]

    My times are about the same as they have been to the trading gateway. Never looked at the website before.

  8. From analyzing the traceroutes to the gateway servers, there appears to be a big slowdown internal to my ISP (Comcast) or somewhere close to them. The interactivebrokers website is on a different network and do not route through the same path. So that explains the differences between the two.
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    Was the problem with your AWS or from your local machine? I ask because there was a SEVERE outage of the AWS across the country last week and this could be part of it.
  10. Yeah, this issue is with my local ISP, not Amazon. Luckily I was not impacted by that outage they had. I am always measuring these stats internally and just noticed some big differences from one of my local machines and started investigating from there. Interesting what you start to find..
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