Latency problem from Europe to USA

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    I am currently looking for a futures broker based in Europe. I will trade the Eurex and Liffe, with a capital of 20 000 - 30 000 euros and 200-300 round lot/month.

    Ive´ been looking at Velocity Futures and like their concept with free trading platform, good commissions and low intra day margin.
    Unfortunately, they are based in the US. Will the Latency be a problem, due to first send (bid or ask) orders from europe to US, and then from US back to Europe?

    The futures brokers in Europe, can´t seem to give a good commission (send some enquries) or free stabil platform (x-trader) etc. etc.

    Are there any european brokers who fit my needs? Or will there be a latency problem if I choose to go with a US broker?

    Any help outhere fellow traders.

    Kind regards

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    Ive´ never heard of schneidertrading, and therefore can´t open my account with them. I was in contact with MF Global (futures) but there commission was sky rocket high.

    Any traders here who live in Europe, and trade from us brokers?
    any problem with latency? orders not getting filled (slippage)?

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    latency is not a problem-just open an account with a US broker, it will be fine.


    Really? Latency issues (ping) is a get out clause for some brokers in the US. From horse's mouth matey.
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    It all depends on what latecy is acceptable...

    For example, Interactive Brokers (US broker) offer clients located in Europe access to their servers in London and I believe orders sent to European exchanges bypass the US completely.
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    Really dude. I scalp the stoxx from LA and clear through Advantage in Chicago. I do a hundred trades a day. Maybe once a month I go to wack a bid, for example, and I miss out as it flips. If you find that significant...
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    Its a moot question anyways. If I trade in LA and connect through chicago my roundtrip time will be 180ms approximately. If I trade in LA and connect through Frankfurt my r/t will be the same. No matter where you are in the world, the data still has to travel to you for you to see it and react.

    If you run automation and put a box in frankfurt, then obviously huge difference.
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    When I traded in UK on Xtrader via GF I had market fills which were up to 5 ES points away from prices I was watching on DOM, it was during normal market activity & size was below 10 contracts making it an easy fill. After order was placed the whole thing would freeze for a while & I would get my fill, which was shit fill. When I questioned them they told me they pinger my IP & it was returning after 100+ms, etc blah blah blah.
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