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    Can you compare latency of different USA exchange's and broker for EU based operator ?

    1. Dissadvantage of transocean delay -
    approx 25 millisec in one direction
    2. E-mini scalping is critical to delay and
    CME/CBOT Chicago based
    3. NYSE,NASDAQ,BOX,ISE suspect to be best
    for EU based operator .
    4. Broker -
    If condition's are equal server placed in East Cost would have advantage . Correct ?

    Ameritrade -Omaha ,NE
    Thinkorswim,Optionsxpress -Chicago
    RML- Kirkland, WA 98033- worst case ?
    MBT -California -worst case ?
    Genesys- NY -best case for NYSE
    Questrade -Canada
    Rush/Terranova -Texas ,Chicago

    Clearing house's

    Penson -Texas
    AMTD - NE
    Legent - Chicago ?

    Relevant comment would appreciated
  2. Anyone know anything about TT(Trader Technology) hosting? What is the approximate cost? I am willing to spend up to a couple of thousand dollars for a fast hosting solution to the liffe.
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    About Liffe

    Dear Sir

    Please read side
    .pdf file

    But suspect ,that would not cheap (as information in file stated) ...

    Your respectfully
  4. to which pdf are you referring?
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    for our clients

    derivative members -costs & different .pdf file's
    for members approx 5000 punds per month .


    01/01/2007 Euronext.liffe London Subscriptions, Fees and Charges from 1 January 2007


    Market Access to LIFFE CONNECT®
    LIFFE CONNECT® can be accessed electronically from the world’s major financial centres.

    Users have considerable flexibility and choice of networks including:

    Direct access via the LIFFE CONNECT® Network, Euronext.liffe’s own international network (Regulatory restrictions may prevent or condition access in some jurisdictions).
    Access through services offered by Value Added Network (VAN) partners
    Access through services offered by an Application Service Provider (ASP)
    Light access via a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection over the Internet
    Light access via a 128k leased line (Amsterdam only)
    Access via a member’s own network
    Please note that to fully access all products on Euronext.liffe, members will require a 2Mb connection.

    Euronext.liffe recognises that customer requirements vary markedly and therefore LIFFE CONNECT® does not impose particular trading software on users. You may choose to buy trading software from any of the independent software vendors (ISVs) that have built trading systems to the Application Program Interface (API).

    Alternatively, many firms choose to build their own trading software and interface it to the market. Whichever route you choose, our approach allows you to use the trading software that best fits your trading needs.

    It is also possible to access LIFFE CONNECT® through order routing services provided by member firms as well as through members providing access to independent traders from trading bureaux.