Latency and Ping Tests

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  1. I get Google at 117 avg, how does that compare to yours?
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  2. auspiv


    i get 46ms, but i'm very close to a backbone connected via a university network. also keep in mind this is over a wireless network.

    some others: - 52ms - 72ms - 47ms

    does anyone have a way to ping the zen-fire servers?
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  3. ghoti


    I used CommView to view the network traffic on my NIC. Here are the ip addresses of the data servers for zenfire. - this one had the most traffic - 2nd most - 3rd - 4th

    I then used PingPlotter to trace packets. I don't remember if I traced them all or not but the ones I did trace returned "Destination address unreachable". The last hop that was reached was 82ms.

    A WhoIs search returns:

    OrgName: 7Ticks IT Consulting
    OrgID: 7IC
    Address: 444 North Wells Street
    Address: Suite 502
    City: Chicago
    StateProv: IL
    PostalCode: 60610
    Country: US
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  4. vimal09


    I usually perform my ping test here . This is helps to find the particular connection is active or not.
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